CO Finansai, UAB is a rapidly growing professional accounting company that provides with qualified accounting services responding to each client’s needs. Our experience and education enables us to fully meet our clients’ expectations and needs through successful development and expansion of joint work contributing to successful development of the company.

Structure of the company’s personnel:

Administration and management – 2 employees;
Accounting specialists of the Finance Division – 4 employees;
Accounting Division (accounting specialists) – 4 employees;
Marketing Division – 2 employees.

We will be helpful to you, as:

• you will not need to take care of setting up and maintaining the bookkeeper’s workplace;
• you will not wave to hire an accountant and to pay monthly contributions to the State Social Insurance Fund Board (SODRA) and taxes to State Tax Inspectorate;
• you will not have to worry about bookkeeping being neglected in the event of the accountant’s illness or holidays;
• you will be confident of reliability and timeliness of accounting;
• you will not need to take care of delivery of accounting documents (we will come to pick-up and return the documents);
• you will be ensured regarding confidentiality of business information;
• you will not have to subscribe for special literature, to pay for courses and seminars;
• we will represent you in the Tax Inspectorate and social insurance institutions.